Empowering you to be an authentic and confident communicator

5 ways to be a better


Saturday  March 26   1 - 5 pm    $100

Adobe Rose Theater  1213 B Parkway Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87507

In the world today, we find ourselves needing to share ideas and information with audiences (large or small) in a vast array of forums.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills in all these arenas. If you want to learn to:


 • making persuasive arguments in courtrooms

 • presenting clear ideas, goals and objectives in board rooms

 • leveraging opinion in any group or committee

 • political persuasion presented live or on camera

 • even telling a story in an informal setting


Then this workshop is for you!


5 Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

These will be our primary areas of focus in our workshop:


Relaxation, Breathing and the effective use of the voice

The way you breathe is directly related to the way you feel, speak and think.


Breath and emotions are directly connected.  Along with relaxed breathing, the connection to your natural and authentic voice will be explored. This will give you awareness and skills to be able to use the voice for the most effective and powerful communication of your ideas.


Story Creation and Storytelling

Story crosses time and connects listeners to meaning and shared emotional experience. The workshop will work with you in crafting a more powerful story and how it helps to connect with an audience on a deeper level.


Improvisation games and exercises

Improv games are one of the best ways to improve mental agility and freedom in thinking and speaking.


Dealing with “stage fright”

What is stage fright, and why does it hit almost everyone who appears before an audience--large or small? We will examine this question, and through exercises and breathing will support you in controlling those moments when this unwelcome emotion hits.



Your honest presence is powerful, and communicates to your listeners. The workshop will show you how to begin to explore your own unique presence and how it affects listeners. We will look at how one can start to sound “memorized” and what to do in order to keep your message fresh and alive. Speak from the heart, simply and plainly.


To enroll, or for further questions, please contact us at: info@powerspeakinc.com

Pamela Thompson   505.913.1090

Kent Kirkpatrick   505.660.1284